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How does Monika Promotes work?


Just contact us via the "Get Started" form, introduce yourself and tell us what type of video you would like to make. We will then call you or send you an email as soon as we can. After we learn your expectations, we will put our creative hats on and we will be all set to get your project started.   

Where are you based out of?

We are based out of sunny Florida.

What props are included?

Most props are included.

We are very creative. 

Two cats and a very well

behaved Maltipoo dog

are also available as "actors" for the base price.

If you need something specific, just let us know. We can figure it out together. 

What happens if I want to make changes to the final video?

No problem. If needed, we allow modifications to your video at $50/hr editing rate. 

Do I get the rights to the video?

Yes, absolutely. Price includes full ownership of the final product. 

What is not included

in the price?

- Very specific props

- Aditional actors/actresses besides Monika

- Voice over

- Filming at, custom, paid locations

- Costumes

- Pictures of the product,

business, or event

What if I want someone other than Monika to star in my video?

We can find you actors to be in your video. However, their cost is not included and it will vary from project to project.

What if I want to be in my video?

We would love that!

If you want to be the one promoting your product, business, event or yourself, we are all in!

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