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We are BIG on VIDEOS and YOU will be TOO!


It is not a secret that nowadays both marketers and consumers worship videos. At Monika Promotes we take your business, event, or product and we give it the full of motion perspective that it needs. 

Your audience will LOVE the video marketing piece we will make for you. 

We produce videos which tell your unique story. We help you win your customers' attention, and we help you increase engagement. 

We can't wait to get to know you and your brand!


Let's get creative on your project!





Monika is the Founder and Chief Executive of Monika Promotes.

She is known for being creative, effective, fun and approachable.

She is grateful for the years she spent being photographed as a fashion model.

It allowed her to travel the World and gain cosmopolitan experiences that she has used later in life. 

She is now an enthusiastic photographer, videographer and reporter.

Personally she loves promoting natural living and protecting Mother Earth and her animals.


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